Stationery for Kids

Growing up, my parents were what most would consider strict. We were allowed to do much outside the house and academics were taken VERY seriously. Thankfully, my siblings and I actually like school. 

One of the things I remember my father would do is; check over my math homework. Regardless of every question was correct, if my penmanship was not to his standards, he would make me do it over. That quickly taught me to get it right the first time. Over time, having neat handwriting came naturally. 

This brought on my love for stationery. My father is obsessed with gel pens, as am I. When it came to school supplies shopping, it played no games! I needed the best Hello Kitty paper, the smoothest of gel pens, and the most outstanding mechanical no. 2 pencils. Having these tools made me love school even more. To use my new stationery items gave me joy, I thought I was THE COOLEST kids in the class.

To me, it only makes sense for Paper and Stylo to include a section for kids to find fun tools too. I know I am not alone with my stationery addiction and I too, plan on passing it on to my children. I want them to be as excited for a new binder as I was and I want to see their eyes light up for that dual sharpener.

How about you? How was stationery apart of your childhood? Did it becomes an important aspect or was just cool when the trends were out? (Remember Jelli Rollers) Comment below, let us talk about it!

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