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Get 15% off automatically on any first time order, applied at checkout!!
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God's Blessing

God penmenship stationery Support

Here I was, sitting at work, documenting. I thought I just had a few more hours to go of my 16 hours shift. Then I get 2 back to back adds on Instagram. Suspiciously, I check my phone so I can go send a welcome message. Then comes 7 more likes, then boom, a purchase!

I was so confused. I almost thought there was some glitch going on. I couldn't possibly have this many people on my site...AT THIS HOUR! That is when my phone became flooded with nonstop adds, purchases, comments, DMs! I called my sister, asking her to go to my page and to make sure I'm not the only on seeing the growing numbers.

In a nutshell, YoungHomeLove posted my page on their page and allowed me to be visible to stationery addicts who were just as passionate as I was when it came to a pen. For the past few days, I have been filling orders and getting to know the new people who support me. I can only thank God. I do not know how YHL found me but I know it was God who put it on their spirit to pick me amongst other black-owned businesses. 

I know I will not let this flop, I have prayed for my business to reach others and do more than just sell stationery but to also get people to fall in love with writing a hand written note or to help with their penmenship. More is coming out of Paper and Stylo, and I am so excited to have you on this journey with me.

Until next time, 

Be safe. 

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